The NFL is laughing at everyone by holding a game on Christmas Day

A few years ago I correctly wrote about how the NFL should do the right thing and hold the Super Bowl on Saturday night instead of the annual Sunday time slot.

Every time I share that opinion I end up having lots of people yelling at me that the I’m dumb (which might not be wrong) and that the Sunday game makes sense because of tradition and because, as some have told me, nobody watches TV on Saturdays (which is just a silly argument against holding the Super Bowl on Saturday night because everyone would watch the Super Bowl if if was on Saturday night).

Many of those people yell about how Sunday is THE day for NFL and that should never change. “DON’T YOU DARE RIP THIS TRADITION FROM OUR HANDS!” they’ve shouted at me.

But you know what? Sunday is no longer the only day for the NFL. Over the years we’ve seen normally scheduled regular-season games on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This year we’ve seen rescheduled games on Tuesdays and even one on a Wednesday afternoon.

And now we’re going to see a Christmas Day game on a Friday afternoon because tradition means nothing to the NFL. The only things that matter to the NFL are ratings and money and they’re going to crush it again today when the Saints host the Vikings at 4:30 p.m. ET.

So can all of you just stop yelling about tradition and all of that because the NFL doesn’t give any you-know-what’s about that.

There’s really no reason for the NFL to have a game scheduled for today, well, except for ratings and stealing eyes from the NBA, which has normally had Christmas Day all to itself.

I’m guessing players for the Saints and Vikings would prefer having a Christmas at home with their families instead of having to play a game on short rest in Week 16 of a grueling NFL season.

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