Kanye West Allegedly Owes Big Sean $3 Million In Royalties And Owns Masters

Big Sean must have BIG patience because ain’t no way in hot, unholy, HELL we would let Kanye muthaf***in West get away with this…

During a recent segment of The Breakfast Club’s “Rumor Report”, Charlamagne Tha God remarked at how incredible it is that Big Sean isn’t snappin’ out over the Yeezus-awful contract that Kanye had him sign. According to Charlemagne, Kanye owes Big Sean $3 million, while also taking half of his profits and half of his royalties. Kanye also would not agree to give Sean his masters back from Def Jam.

Meanwhile, Kanye is rant and raving on Twitter about “slavery” in the music industry and talkin’ all this s#!t about getting his OWN masters back from Universal.

That man is a whole goofy. We hope he doesn’t get a damn thing back until he does right by his artists. ESPECIALLY Sean.